Healthy Recipes

Energizing Squash Carrot Apple Soup

Perfect lunch or light dinner, this cleansing fall inspired soup boosts immunity, makes you feel good inside a out!

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Black Coconut Ice Cream

Have you seen all the "black" foods taking over the internet?? You can get it on this trend too! Enjoy this "once in a while" treat with activated charcoal, coconut milk and sweetened with honey!

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Avocado Cashew Spread

Creamy and delicious, this versatile condiment will be your new go to! Use it as a spread or dip! Easy to make--just remember to soak your cashews ahead of time.

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Pecan Pumpkin Butter

This luscious pumpkin butter gets tons of richness from the pecans and natural sweetness from the dates! Great spread on pancakes, mixed into your morning oatmeal or with sliced apples.  

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Almond Pancakes

These decicious pancakes are so fluffy--you won't believe they are gluten free! Great topped with extra banana or berries too!

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Broccoli Cheese Soup

This creamy, "cheesy," detox broccoli cheese soup has silky smooth texture and classic broccoli cheese flavor made completely from whole foods--nothing processed, nothing artificial.  Perfect comfort food--both to your body and soul!


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Wild Salmon and Sweet Potato Skillet Hash

Simple one skillet meal! Steam the sweet potatoes, sauté up the aromatics, broil the salmon and mix together.  Feel free to substitute other greens for the radicchio or toss in other vegetables you have in your refrigerator.  Quick, healthy and delicious! 

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Fermented Vegetables

Yes you can make your own fermented vegetables at home! It only takes a few basic instruments and ingredients. Basically, most lacto-fermented foods are nothing more than whole, chopped, sliced or grated vegetables placed in a brine of salt and water for a period of time at room temperature to let the beneficial bacteria develop. Here is a suggestion for vegetable combination--but feel free to use any vegetables you like! 

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