Functional Medicine Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes! We help people all across the country! We use phone or video calls for our virtual appointments. Lab work, if needed can be done in your local area, with results sent to us.

  • Currently, insurance companies do not cover a nutritionist in private practice. However, we do take flex spending and HSA accounts. And, many of the tests we use are covered.

  • I am a wounded healer. At a young age my health was impacted by the Standard American Diet and this went on for several years. When it became clear to me that the doctors I sought out for healing were unable to heal, but were able to prescribe meds that didn’t work and came with many unwanted side effects. This started my journey towards understanding how the body works and what the body needs to heal and maintain optimal health. My health was restored and now I spend my life helping others get there health back.

  • Infrared therapy is completely safe and healthy for all living things. Infrared energy warms the body in the same manner as natural sunlight but does not contain the harmful UV rays associated with unprotected sunlight. Tests have shown that the energy output is tuned so closely to the body’s own radiant energy that our bodies absorb as much as 93% of the far infrared waves that reach our skin.

  • You’ll complete a comprehensive health history form and send us copies of labs completed. This will allow Pamela to be prepared for you when you arrive. During your evaluation she will review your health history, your current nutrition, lifestyle and symptoms, and offer recommendations.       

    Functional Nutrition is a leading-edge, evidence-based, and comprehensive approach to client/patient care that focuses on identifying root causes and system imbalances to significantly improve patient health outcomes and bring your bodies health back into balance.



  • Follow up visits will vary from patient to patient based on the reason he/she came in the office in the first place. With that said, with each patient progress will be evaluated with each appointment.

  • A Holistic Nutritionist is not a legal designation but an approach to how a nutritionist practices. I am a licensed nutritionist that takes a holistic, yet clinical approach towards bringing the body back into balance.

  • There is a pretty big difference. The supplement industry is unregulated so anyone can package anything and sell it with a claim, meanwhile it may not have the stated ingredients in the package at all. Practitioners use manufacturers that provide us with lab assays that verify the potency, purity, and efficacy of the product. This is valued in my industry since practitioners are in the business of helping their patients bring the health back in to balance or assisting in the healing process.

  • Results will vary, but results are seen by ALL patients that comply with recommendations that are suggested in making the necessary nutrition and lifestyle changes.

  • This work is not a quick fix. It is not a crash diet, but rather a way of life. Individuals who are looking for a quick fix, or are not willing to follow through long-term, will not have good results. This approach is not suited for people who are ambivalent about making health a priority in their lives.